Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Needy Kitty

I have established in the past that I have the neediest cat ever.  Spooks demands attention.  When he wants attention he will force his way into your space and keep at it until you give him the love he believes he deserves at the time.

A number of years ago, I fed Spooks when I woke up.  My alarm clock would go off in the morning and I would hit snooze.  The next time I would go to hit snooze that darn cat would be sitting on my alarm clock.

When he feels like I have been on the computer, or sewing machine, or reading, he will lay across my keyboard, lay across the top of the sewing machine, or nudge my book repeatedly.  He is truly a riot.  He shares his love pretty equally.  None of us get away with ignoring him and we all get the demanding head bumps, and the invasion into our space.

Today it was CJ's turn.  He was trying to work on his homework.  Now you should understand, homework with CJ is a pretty difficult struggle.  He fights, and cries and makes it about 20 times harder than it needs to be.  Today, Spooks decided to help.  It had been a very stressful hour trying to get a double sided page of math finished.  We had moved into my room where there are less distractions.  Suddenly Spooks invaded.

Remarkably enough, even though he was laughing at the intrusion, CJ settled down and finished the last few problems without any fuss.  I sure love my needy kitty.

It isn't uncommon for animals to help children with developmental difficulties, and special needs.  On the right side of my blog you will see a button for "Canine 4 Kennon".  Kennon is a wonderful little boy, and my friend.  Please take a moment and read a letter written by Kennon's parents (they're our friends too).  Kennon has qualified for a service dog.  This service dog will be trained to deal with Kennon's specific needs.  These animals are highly, and specifically trained, and they are very expensive.  Please read about Kennon and consider making a donation.  Any amount would be helpful.

Thank you!

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