Monday, August 29, 2011

Sealed with a Kiss

Has anyone else noticed that Facebook will sometimes show you old posts.  Sometimes they just show up on the right side of the page.  This morning I saw my wall post from Aug. 29, 2009.  It made me laugh.  The post had several comments about my Stephie Stories so I decided to share it here.

My girls are 10 years apart.  I thought the biggest challenge we would have was an older sister who doesn't want to spend time with the pesky little sister.  That has rarely been a problem for us.  Alexa loves to spend time with Isabel and almost always lets her hang out, even when her friends are around.  The consequence being that we have a young child that wants to act like her teen sister.  You've heard of 13 going on 30.  We have 6 going on 16.  Well... as this story happened two years ago I guess it would be 4 going on 14.

We were still living in Missouri and I worked as a nuclear quality control inspector.  I went to a nuclear plant in Illinois to help with an audit, I was gone 5 days.  We all hated it and you would have thought I was gone for a month.

I got home a day early and arrived early enough to get CJ and Isabel from day care.  They were so excited.  When we were in the car CJ and Isabel had the following conversation:

CJ - "I was so excited I almost fainted."
Isabel - "Like when I get growed up and a hawt guy kisses me.  That's when I almost fainted."

Did I mention that she was 4?  I'm telling you one of these days their in-car conversations are going to cause a wreck!

Apparently she is all talk though.  When her daddy got home that evening he gave me a kiss.  Isabel shrieked, "Oh come on!  That is bescusting!  I think I'm gonna go puke up!"

I love my kids.  Thanks for the memory Facebook.

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