Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wonderful Summer

Our summer went way too fast.  This is the first summer I have ever been able to stay at home and be with my kids.  What a blessing!!!!!  We have had so much fun!  Isabel and CJ became part fish!  Seriously, they spent every possible day, sometimes even late in the night, in the pool.  Poor Isabel's hair was so fried we had to cut like 4 inches off before school started.

Alexa and Zachary went on a pioneer reinactment trek. 
Don't they look great!  (This of course was at the beginning.  After walking 18 miles in 110+ degree heat for two days they didn't look nearly this enthusiastic.)

Look at all those kids.  Zachary took this picture so that you could see the hand cart tracks in the grass and as many of the long lines of treckers.  I love this picture.
Alexa went on an LDS church history tour, Kirtland, Ohio and Palmyra, New York.  She also visited Niagra Falls.  She is terrible about remembering to take pictures while she is having fun, so no pictures available.
We painted three bedrooms and got the kids' beds all put together.  We slept late and stayed up late.  We enjoyed being together.

I'm not ready for this to be over.

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