Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Measure once cut twice - Using the right set of instuctions is a good idea too!

I joined a quilting group when I moved to Iowa.  I felt like it was a good way to meet people with like interest in my new town.  It's been great.  However, since I am so rarely here, because I'm working out of town, I haven't gotten to do much with them.  But they are always so gracious and happy to see me when I am in town.  They sure are a great group of ladies.

Fair time is coming and the group puts together a sampler quilt for the 4-H group to auction.  We were each given 12 inch squares of five different fabrics.  The rules were...

1. At least four of the five fabrics had to be used.
2. No additional fabrics could be added.
3. Design could be original or from a pattern, and could be pieced, applique, or a combination.
4. No embellishments that would interfere with machine quilting.
5. Finished block needed to be 9in. (so 9 1/2 in raw).

I found this great pattern that I loved.  However, it was 12 inches finished.  No a problem, right?!?  I did the math and wrote down the new measurements for the cut pieces.  Then I went to work at the Quad Cities Nuclear plant for 7 weeks.

Well, the block is due at the end of the month so I wanted to get it finished today.  I pulled out the pattern, cut up the pieces and made a beautiful.... 12 in block.  YIKES!!!!!!!  I forgot all about the finished size thing and didn't use my adjusted measurements.

So, I did some frog sewing... (you know rip it, rip it, rip it) and got back to the nine units.  Then I did some more math and cut them down.  Here is the finished 9 in block.  It still looks pretty good.

Re-sizing the green/red/beige block was the hardest one to get right.  But I'm pretty happy with it.

Here it is again against a dark background.  I thought you would be able to see it a little better.

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