Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well, that didn't go as planned

Well, due to an ongoing health problem that flared up on Friday and hung on through the weekend, I didn't get my Jelly Roll Race quilt finished.  I will keep working on it and post pictures when it's finished.

Since the 4th of July is right around the corner I wanted to get the little flag banner that I bought done.

I was super excited about it.  This is a little kit that I bought when I was working in Illinois earlier in the month.  The pattern uses a little tool called a twister to make the pinwheels. 

It's supposed to be really, really easy.  You just have to sew up 3 1/2 in squares, then cut them with the tool, make a little twist and boom...pinwheels.

Note: This is actually a tool made by the quilt shop, with permission of the designer of the original twister. The original Twister tool is available in two sizes, one for 5 in squares and one for 10 in squares.

Well, that part was easy enough.  Especially because when I opened the kit the squares were all pre-cut.  I didn't know it was a pre-cut kit.  So, now it should go really, really fast.

I started cutting it out with the little tool and it just didn't work. The twister is supposed to lay on every intersection.  However, the tool was cutting through too much and it wasn't looking anything like it was supposed to.  So, I went back to read the directions again.  Good news, I guess, I pieced it right.  The bad news...

The pre-cut squares weren't the right size.  They were cut 2 1/2 inches (which is the size of the twister, therefore the size AFTER cutting) not 3 1/2 inches. 

So disappointed.   I guess I'll go try to find some blue and white in my stash and try again.

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Sara said...

Aww sorry to hear that,hope you get it all figured out. I really hate when that happens. Like the baby pic;)

Linked up too at Quilt Story!

Mrs.Hearts said...

I have wanted to make a flag quilt for a long time and haven't gotten around to it. What a great use of the Twister tool! I think I'll have to use my tool for a flat quilt! Thanks for the inspiration! You can see some quilts I have made with the Twister tool on my blog. www.busyhandsquilts.blogspot.com

Mrs. Hearts