Monday, July 18, 2011

The best part of living in a small town...

My husband and I were raised in the city.  However, since we got married we have lived in a series of small towns, some we loved, some... not so much!  But the best part of living in a small town is the personal touch you seem to get.

On Sunday my hubby badly dislocated his finger.  It resembled a lightning bolt.  It was pretty disgusting and I'll spare you the pictures (I did post them on facebook things... there are somethings you just can't pass up).  Anyway... he needed to go back to the doctor today to have it re-examined.  My little guy also had a badly infected cut that I wanted looked at so I made both of the appointments at the same time. 

Our doctor took one look at his finger and said it needed to be lanced and he needed to start an anti-biotic right away.  Only problem with that is that the local pharmacy was about to close, so she sent me into town while she called and got them to stay open until I could get there.  In the mean time she would start numbing CJ's finger and check out Craig's finger.  I got to the pharmacy and they were closed but waiting for me.  Then the Pharmacist tells me that the doc decided Craig needed different meds for his finger so the doctor's nurse was on his way to bring the prescription to them. 

Now when was the last time a doctor went out of her way to call a pharmacy, a nurse drove a script into town for a patient, and a pharmacy stayed open after hours all to help someone in a lot of pain not have to make a 30 minute drive to the next town.

Ya gotta love a small town.

Thank you Dr. Mofle, Mark and HyVee in Webster City, you all were my heroes today!

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Alycia said...

No kidding - that is awesome customer service!