Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tooth Fairy

My Isabel lost her first tooth today.  She is sooooo excited.

She is 6 and a half and was getting a little concerned that she might have to start 1st grade without loosing any teeth. We have had some very serious discussions on the matter.

She is very happy that her smile "still looks bootaful."  Ya gotta love a girl with confidence.

As I was getting change at the store I suddenly remembered our first tooth fairy experience as parents.  Alexa was about 5 or so when she lost her first tooth.  She was so excited that the tooth fairy was going to come and bring her money. 

We put her to bed with her tooth safely tucked under her pillow.  Unfortunately we also went to bed and fell asleep, completely forgetting about the tooth.  Alexa was devastated.

I just gave her a hug.  Then I told her a lie that my husband is still convinced will cost me my place in heaven :}

Realizing it was Sunday morning I simply told her "Oh sweetie, mommy forgot.  The tooth fairy doesn't work on the Sabbath."

Needless to say!  I remembered my duties that night.  Yep!  Worst mommy ever, award recipient!  :)

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