Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm soooo excited!

I received my first "Goodies Swap" package today!  I am really, really excited, and totally in love!

Cathrine at Sew Wonderful Life was the amazing lady who made this wonderful gifts.

Aren't these lovely.  A mug rug, fabric box, and extra bits of fabric.  So beautiful. 
A close-up of the mug rug.  My camera isn't the best so it doesn't do this beautiful piece justice.  The little squares in the center are so tiny (one inch) and perfect.  She did lovely hand quilting.  Love it!
The back of the mug rug!  Yummy!
Fabric box!  This is so darn cute I just love it! 
Catherine sent me a wonderful little note.  She was a little worried she may have over done it with the green.  I assure you it is perfect.  I love green and I love batiks and I think these are gorgeous! 

As a bit of a side note:
Catherine lives in Tiptree, Essex, United Kingdom.  My kids were soooo excited to get a package in the mail all the way from the UK.  My family, especially my boys, are obsessed with all things British.  My oldest son is sure it doesn't get any better than British comedies and Dr. Who.  Our ancestors came to the United States in the 1860's.  They had been baptised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons) and left their homes to live with other members in Utah.  I think these ties are part of the reason for the obsession.  And why they were all so impressed that my swap partner was from the UK.

I think CJ summed it up best when he said, "She made all of this stuff just for you?  That is really, really nice."

Thank you Catherine!  I love, these great gifts and truly appreciate the effort you put into making me such lovely things.


Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, lucky you, I think you needed something just for you right now :o)

Catherine said...

You are more than welcome, I am so glad that you like what I made! Its nice to hear that the family are obsessed with all things british too!

Janine said...

Those swaps are lovely (and I'm glad to hear someone appreciates the British!) :)