Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well, I think I've made some progress! I took a few deep breaths and finished my mug rugs for the Goodie Swap.  OK so their not completely finished.  I still need to quilt and bind them.  But they are pieced and I like them.  I just hope my partners like them.

For Partner #2

For Partner #1
 Apparently the lens on my camera is dirty.  Ignore the smudges. 

I have a few ideas for the goodies to go with these.  I'll post pictures when I'm done.

I had to laugh at a post from this time last year that Facebook showed me this morning.  It too was about progress.... well sorta!  Enjoy...
After years of wasted money I have FINALLY found a toy my fabulous cat will play with! Imagine my surprise when he pounced and attacked my hair clip... unfortunately it was still in my hair at the time.
Spooks (my kitty) won't play with anything! But he loves this clip. I can't get within striking distance with it in my hair. He smacks at it like its a ball or something. And the more I move my head to get him off of me the more he goes after it. He sure is lucky I love him.

I ended up just giving him the clip.  I couldn't wear it if he was around. 
 Well I'm off to make more progress!  Everyone have a great day!

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