Friday, September 16, 2011

Zachary's always good for a laugh

My oldest son Zachary cracks me up!  He often says the most off the wall comments.  He is super quick!  I've shared some other stories here.

He is great at making up stories.  CJ will just give him a topic, like frogs or tangled, and he just starts telling stories.  They are usually pretty detailed, funny, twisted, wacky, in other words, very much like the story teller.  CJ laughs the whole time.  I forced him, literally kicking and screaming, to take creative writing next semester.  He struggles with actually writing things down.  he says he has all these ideas and stories floating around in his head but when he tries to write he draws a blank.  So, I am hoping creative writing will give him the skills to write down all his thoughts.

Last year Zachary lost the screw in his classes.  We headed to our local Wal-Mart vision center to have it replaced.  While we waiting he was putting on glasses and basically just goofing around.  He put on a pair of dark round lens glasses.  All of the sudden he throws his hands up in the air and yells... "SHARON!!"

I lost it.  We don't listen to Ozzy at our house but he must have seen an episode of "The Osbourne's" or something.  We laughed about all day. 

Zachary can be an ornery little cuss at times but he can be very sweet.  He is always trying to cheer us up. Remember the X-box?  CJ is having to have intervenes antibiotic treatments so he has an IV port in his arm.  When we got home from the hospital Zachary grabbed CJ by the shoulders and in the most overly dramatic voice cries out, "Oh no it's broken!  Mom, it's broken.  Now what?  (dramatic pause for effect) Should we cut it off?"  He had CJ giggling and he forgot about the IV port for a little while.

We love you Buddie!

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