Friday, September 30, 2011

This time last year...

This time last year things were crazy.  Craig and the kids had already moved to Iowa and were trying to settle in our new house while I was Missouri getting things finalized there for the big move north.

A year ago today I left my job at Callaway Nuclear Power Plant.  I was horribly sad, and more than a few tears were shed.  I fully expected to be there next month to help with their outage, but circumstances with my families health and well being are keeping me away this year, again more tears being shed.   I truly miss my friends and the work that I did there.  They are amazing people and I they were a huge part of my life for more than 5 years.  I couldn't have asked for better co-workers and friends.

On a happier note... Today is my Mother In-Law's birthday!  

Last year our gift to DiAnn didn't go quite as planned.

As all of our family lives in Utah, I often send gifts from  Seriously, I love Amazon, I could write and entire post on how much I love  But I regress... I like to send gifts from Amazon because I am a prime member so I get two day shipping free, and since they gift wrap for a pretty reasonable rate I usually end up saving money.  So, it was to Amazon I turned once again to get DiAnn's gift.  That's when all the trouble began.

Well actually... not all the trouble.  First of all, DiAnn and Craig's brother Matt have birthdays that are just one day apart.  One on Sept. 30th, one on Oct. 1st.  I often forget who's birthday is when.  And did I mention things were a little crazy this time last year?

So, I got online and decided I would see if I could find DiAnn a lovely piece of jewelry with her birthstone.  So I did a quick search and found a lovely little ring.  Now, sometimes I have found that if I don't put something I like in my cart I won't find it again.  So I put the little ring in my cart.  I called Craig to let him know what I found and he was worried about the size.  AHHH good point, I have no idea if it will fit.  So I kept looking and found a beautiful bracelet that I thought she would love.  All was settled!  I chose gift wrapping and sent it on it's way.  Expected delivery date Sept. 29th. 

Sure enough, on Sept. 29th the package was delivered... right to MY front door.  WHAT?  Plus there were two lovely packages in the box.  TWO? WHAT?  The ring!  I had forgotten to take the ring off the cart.  See, Amazon has this one click ship button.  It uses all your default settings and one click and your done.  I was a little stressed out and distracted so I wasn't really thinking it through when I used the one click button.  OOOOPPPSSS!

I decided to keep the ring, maybe it could be a Christmas gift if I could find out if it was the right size and sent the bracelet.  It would be a little late but that's OK right.

Imagine my extreme embarrassment when I realized later that her birthday is September 30th not October 1st, which is what I was thinking when I bought Opals.  :)  It sure is a good thing we can laugh about it now, and I was right.  She loved the bracelet.

Happy Birthday DiAnn!  We love you!

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Katy Cameron said...

Oopsie! Glad she liked it anyway