Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paper Piecing class

I went to my paper piecing class yesterday.  I love the group of woman in my quilt group.  Most of them are closer to my grandparent's age than my parents.  They have children and grandchildren my age.  They are such a vast pool of knowledge and everyone of them are willing to give advice and help.  There are five of us in this class.  These ladies are a riot.  They have all known each other for years but include me in their little circle like I'm a long lost friend.  They are seriously so amazing and talented and gracious.  Here is the progress I made yesterday.

I'm loving the colors.  I think it is going to be so beautiful.

I took some pictures of CJ at the hospital.  He is such a sweetheart and he really is being pretty good about this whole thing.

 The laptop has become our portable DVD player. 

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