Thursday, September 8, 2011

UFO Monthly Challenge

The quilt group I belong to, "Peace by Piece" is doing a UFO a month challenge.  We have to bring a list of 12 UFO's and our intent for each of them to the group leader.  Each month she will draw a number and we have until the next meeting to complete our item.  Now here's the thing.  The UFO has to be quilt related and specific.  We can't change the order and we only have to get as much done as we listed as our intention (i.e., finish piecing, cut out, etc.) to get credit for the complete.  Because of the randomness of the draw we cant make our list that wouldn't work in order, for instance we can't make UFO #1 cut out, UFO #2 piece, etc.

So I went through my UFO's and came up with my list.

1 - "Happy" charm - piece top

2 - "Katie" charm - piece top

3 - Moda Milk Chocolate Bar - piece top

4 - Moda White Chocolate Bar - cut out and assemble all Dresden plates and fans (if I get the applique done and the top pieced great but that isn't part of my monthly goal.)

5 - Lauren's Hat Pin - piece top

6 - Basket Quilt - complete the quilting and bind

7 - Lil' Twister Wreath - piece top

8 - Green "tube" quilt - piece top

9 - Thorn's and Roses - cut out quilt (I will get as much pieced as possible but this is a big one so I don't want to count piecing in my monthly goal.)

10 - Purple Kaleidoscope - piece top

11 - Spirograph Flower - piece top

12 - Denim I Spy - cut out quilt (this is my oldest UFO.  I think I finally have all the components now I just need to get them all cut out.  Again, I don't want to make piecing part of my goal because it is a big quilt with a lot of work to do.) 
I know this looks like a pile of laundry or something but it is actually a stack of old, ripped, stained, and bleached jeans.

As I was going through my stuff I found several UFO's that I need to be working on a lot or need to have done by a certain time so I didn't add them to the list.

1 - Interlocking Stars - This is a very complicated quilt I am making for Alexa. 

2 - Mug Rug/Goodie Swap

3 - Paper Piecing table top (a class I am scheduled to take soon)

4 - Advent Calendars

5 - Christmas "Peace" wall hanging

6 - Jingle All The Way, Christmas quilt - still missing some of the fabric

7 - Jelly Roll Christmas quilt

So obviously, I have a lot of work to do!  I'd better get going!!!!! 

Happy Quilting All


Janine said...

That's a mammoth schedule you've got there - remember to fit in time to eat and sleep!

Ann Michelle said...

hope you post some of your finished projects for us to see!!! :)