Monday, September 19, 2011

Mother's guilt

I often feel very guilty when I do something just for me.  Something that I enjoy and go and do by myself or with a friend but without my family.  I love being with my family and I miss them when we are all doing our own thing.  Besides, there are a gazillion things to do around here. 

But I also know that I have to take care of myself if I am going to be capable of taking care of the family.  So, I usually manage to push the guilt aside and enjoy myself.  I also tend to feel guilty all over again when I get home and see that my to-do list is still a mile long. 

Today I am taking a rare afternoon for myself.  It means leaving Craig home alone for a few hours but he has assured me that he will be OK.  I am taking the first of a series of classes on paper piecing.  I am SO excited.  My LQS is offering a once a month for six months paper piecing series. The first quilt is called "Mini Star Table Runner."
The fabric I choose is amazing.  The background is a beautiful flora batik that is mainly cream.  The star fabrics are very rich marbled, multi-tonal prints one each of purple, green, and fuchsia.  I am so in love!  (I'll post pictures later.)

We will be working on a different Judy Niemeyer pattern each month.  If you have ever seen one of Judy's patterns you know how amazing they are, and why I am so excited.

The October quilt is "Cappuccino".  I'll be honest this is probably my least favorite of Judy's patterns but I'm excited to learn the technique because it is used in some of my favorites.  I haven't picked my fabrics yet.  I'm thinking maybe fall colors?  Not sure yet.
I have been obsessed with Judy's quilt patterns for a long time but I am a bit of a coward, and have been too scared or intimidated or something to tackle one.  But here are some of my favorites.

Aren't they amazing.  Every time I see one of these quilts finished I fall head over heels in love.  So I plan on enjoying my afternoon.  I think it will be worth any guilt I may feel when I see the piles and piles of laundry waiting for me when I get home. 
I am ready and in great need of a me day!  I'll post my progress from the class later. 


Katy Cameron said...

I can see why you found those rather intimidating - wow!

Annie said...

Don't feel guilty Steph. One day your family will cherish those quilts you make, just like we treasure Grandma's. They will become family heirlooms and I'm sure Grandma loves that some of her talents have been passed down through the generations!

Robin said...

Enjoy your "me time." Those quilts are AMAZING!

Janine said...

I think your quilting makes the world a more beautiful place - everyone benefits :)